Fractional Owner Questions

Booking Windows:
1 Week Owners- Submit request 12 Months to the day you want to arrive.
2-3 Week Owners- Submit 13 Months to the day you want to arrive.
4 Plus Week Owners- Submit 14 Months to the day you want to arrive.

**Multiple Week Owners-An Owner who owns more than 1 Unit Week.

Requests will be processed in the order they are received.

Acknowledgement of request will be sent within two (2) business days.
We follow the Interval International calendar.
Additional Nights can be booked in Residence Club suite 6 months out to allow all owners to choose their time slot. Additional days must meet the minimum requirements and must be consecutive. You cannot split between the beginning and end of stay. There is no guarantee that additional nights will be in the same suite as ownership week.
Residence Club Discount of 20% will only apply In Residence Club Rooms. If not, available regular rates apply.

No discounts on holiday weeks.

Grande View Suites (Building 8) discounts only apply to those who own in Grande View Building.
Upgrades are available based on availability for $150/night plus tax per bedroom.
Studio -1 Bedroom $150/night plus tax
Studio – 2 Bedroom $300/night plus tax
Studio – 3 Bedroom $450/night plus tax
All requests are to be sent to and will be processed in the order they are received. No phone calls or texts please.

Acknowledgement of request will be sent within two (2) business days.
Send an email to informing us of your desire to release your time and place it into the rental pool. We will do our best to rent your released time however, there is no guarantee that it will rent or rent for the entire released time.
Residence Club owners will receive 70% of the net revenue after taxes and credit card fees are deducted.
Yes, so long as your friend is over 25 and completes the necessary insurance documentation.
No, unfortunately there is only one parking space per unit in the resort. Studio suites do not come with parking.
Residence Jeep Club Members-Jeeps are available on the day of arrival and MUST be returned by 4:00pm the day prior to departure. Our car wash is not available 24 hours a day therefore to have the Jeep available for the next guest it must be returned on time. A late fee of $100 will apply.
Please make this request with our reservation team either by email or during your pre-arrival call. Based on if the jeep is clean we are happy to have it ready for an early pick up.
Yes, if available a second Jeep can be rented, however there is no guarantee that an onsite parking spot will be available.
Dock Pick Ups are by request only for those with medical or special needs. Please let our reservations team know that you will need a Jeep pick up on either your pre-arrival checklist or pre-arrival call.

During office hours a phone call to 340-693-4668, needs to be made alerting our reservations team as to which ferry you will be on. All other numbers and emails cannot guarantee a dock pick up.
As a member of Interval International there are several ways to get more enjoyment from your investment. More details and options can be found on their website:
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